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{About Me}

Welcome to the Happy Life!

It is far from perfect, not always easy, but it's a happy life because we're in communion with our gracious God and are blessed in community with one another.

Hi! I'm Adrie. 

I met my husband Zeke in high school. He asked me to Prom. I said no. 

But thank goodness for second chances!

We dated for four years, and spent most of that time five hundred miles apart, until he popped the question (while under influence of cold medicine).

(And apparently all stories in my life can be told in two-post series.)
I said yes (obviously), then planned a good ol' fashioned do-it-yourself wedding.

We moved to a Bible Camp; where Zeke lives out his calling to ministry by splitting logs, fixing air conditioners, and unplugging toilets; I serve in the office at Camp and spend my evenings taking care of a little home called Peace. 

I have a passion for marriage and strengthening relationships. I believe in the power of community, being forgiven through God's grace, and living a vibrant, abundant lifestyle that glorifies Him. 

Thank you for joining us!

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