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Monday, December 29, 2014

Paring Down

It's been nearly a week since I wrote anything.

Well, since I wrote anything "official," anyway. Since I wrote and added a picture and edited (okay, maybe not that one...) and hit Publish.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, though.

Thinking about what's important, about how my schedule and my priorities line up.

And I need to pare down.

Original image source-- http://www.frolic-blog.com

I have all of these "top priority" things that have been pushed to the side, either by blogging, by spending admittedly too much time watching stupid TV, or by turning myself into a walking womb and thinking of nothing else, too wrapped up in my own hurts to even consider those things I think are most important in life.

I need some time to revamp, you know? To wipe my daily schedule clean and add in only those important things for a while, until I learn to do those habits well and can build up, add in, move on.

This little corner of the internet will be quiet for a while.

Sometimes we could all just use a little quiet, right?

So thank you for your patience with me as I figure stuff out again. Have a wonderful beginning to your 2015- may God bless you in this new year!  


  1. Enjoy your sabbatical! Everyone needs a little down time :)

  2. I hope you find the peace you ate looking for. Blessings.


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