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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Changing Directions

These past few weeks, I've been in the process of changing directions.

I've been walking down the path toward teaching for years now. I've gone to school, gotten my license, been a SPED aide, taken more classes, subbed, gotten another license, long-term subbed...

But now I'm changing directions.

As I began to realize that a full-time job wasn't going to happen for this fall, actually, the night I wrote this post, Zeke came home with news- the registrar for the Bible camp had taken another position and was leaving. I was sad to hear the news- our registrar was an integral part of our camp family.

I took a job at camp working at the front desk for the summer. I got to know the registrar even better, helped her with different things as she prepared to leave... and found that I kind of liked her job.

After a lot of prayer and after talking about it incessantly to Zeke as he tried to shower in peace, I applied for the registrar job.

I'll start my first day as camp registrar this week. It's definitely not what I expected to be doing, but so far, I've enjoyed it. Switching gears, changing directions. Still walking in the path laid out for me.

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  1. Someday you'll look back and probably see exactly what God had in mind when He changed your direction. Hope you love your new job.


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