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Friday, February 21, 2014

{Seven Quick Takes/Five Favorites} Marshmallows, Chuck, and Impossible Pie

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So, last weekend (was it only last weekend? Feels like longer...) we had a Marriage Retreat here at Camp. Poor Zeke wasn't feeling so great, so we didn't go to as many of the sessions as I would have liked. 

(I was pretty disappointed... and then crabby at Zeke... and then understanding.... and then got a sore throat myself and wanted him to make me tea. These are known as the Four Stages of Being Cranky With Your Husband Because He's Sick and Is Preventing You From Doing Something You Wanted To Do.)


I did help out with the activity on Saturday evening, and my goodness. Hilarious. 

Okay, so the couples played "Minute-to-Win-It: Couple's Edition." There were, of course, the golfball stacking challenges and the moving M&M's challenges... 

Funny, and sweet to see couples all focused and working together. 

But then. Oh, but then. 

The couple who planned this activity modified one of the games... and oh my goodness. 

Okay, so here's the premise. The couple had to try to eat as many marshmallows as they could- alternating who ate the marshmallow each time. The challenge was, they had to start with the marshmallow between their foreheads, getting it into their mouth without using their hands. 

So, so, so funny. The couples either looked like they were very, um, amorous (cough, cough), or like they were trying to bite each other's faces off! The pictures are priceless. And proooobably shouldn't go on Camp's Facebook page. 

Try it. It's so funny. Minute-to-Win-It? Best party game ever.

Sweet heaven- Impossible Pie. 
I found a recipe for this on a blog that I now can't remember the name of and can't find. (I totally freaked out in a comment on said blog, so if it's yours, let me know and I'll link to ya.)

So, I live at Camp, right? We've determined this? 

Well, we get lots of leftovers- and I try to use leftovers as much as I can so I don't have to actually, you know, buy food.

I love this recipe. Love love love love. 


We've been watching lots of Netflix (we don't have TV, because we live at Camp, as we've previously established)- and we have really been loving "Chuck." 

Minimum wage computer geek suddenly thrown into the CIA? Priceless. 


Simcha's probably one of my favorite people to read- I've been wasting way too much time on the internet by looking through her archives. And Haley's, too!!

A couple oldies, but goodies...

I've been in an "I'm-lost-and-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-next" stage lately. You know, like, my husband has no clean underwear in his dresser, but there's like 78 pairs in the dryer! My planning binder is collecting dust, I've had no idea what's for dinner this week... ugh. Gotta get out of this rut! 

So I cleaned the toilets today (because that's what Confident Mom told me to do today- planning binder back in service) and man. I love cleaning toilets. Is that strange? I dunno, it's just so... satisfying. 

A not-so-favorite?
Here's what it's doing outside today.

Snowing, then sorta-kinda melting. 

It's going to get cold again tonight, which means ice. Lots and lots of ice. <Sigh>

And we'll finish up these quick takes with a Tucker Turtle comparison...

Two years ago, at our wedding

Oh my goodness my cutie is HUGE!

Happy Friday, friends. Hope it's a good one!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I can relate to being in a "rut." I've so been there, and I can so easily fall back into it. Baby steps!! Cleaning toilets is quite an accomplishment! I did that today, too ~ LOL!! Oh, and "Chuck" is quite a fun show ... I've only seen 2 episodes, but it was so quirky! Have a great weekend! Snowy here, too ...

  2. I'll have to check out "Chuck." I have trouble finding things to watch on Netflix while I'm nursing, so this might be just the ticket.

    1. It's pretty good... very cheesy at parts... and now that we're a little later in the series, there's some PG13-ness going on (which is disappointing. Boo.)

  3. The. turtle. pictures. AWESOME. And I'm totally looking for an excuse to have a party and make the couple stuff marshmallows.

    1. Haha, I tell ya, Tuck must be the best photographed turtle in the world (and the least happy about it).

      I know.. I'm looking for reasons to force people to do the marshmallow thing in every day life... it's not going so great. Ideas?


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