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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Wife Makes it Home!


So, I'm married! The wedding went great- everything looked beautiful, none of the fish centerpieces died, all my boutonnieres and corsages looked great, and we had a ton of fun! (More details, as well as more DIY tutorials to come!)

Photo Credit- Budget Impressions Photography

And now we're home! It was a bit of a process to get here, though...

On Monday, HH and I got back from our "honeyweekend" and opened up gifts at my parents' house. It's amazing how generous our families and friends are- we are so incredibly blessed. We got everything packed up into two vehicles (my Geo Tracker and HH's pretty red pickup, with the motorcycle on the back). I told HH that I wished we could drive together instead of separately on the way home.

We got about three miles down the road when I realized something funky was going on with the Tracker. In technical mechanic-speak, it just didn't have any zip. HH looked it over, drove it for a little, and couldn't find anything wrong with it. We decided to leave the Tracker with a mechanic buddy of HH's, and drove the truck home together. Apparently, I should be careful what I wish for!

We arrived home to a huge welcome sign on our door from the year-round camp staff (so sweet!) as well as a fruit bowl and a cheese platter! Yum! Zeke carried me over the threshold (aww), and we went to bed at about nine o'clock like an old married couple. Because we are now an old married couple.

On Tuesday, our moms came up to visit and see Hunky Husband's little brother play baseball. And also to help me unpack! Yay! Their help was SO NEEDED. It's a little overwhelming to combine mine and HH's stuff, as well as find places for all of the amazing gifts we've received! Even with the help of the moms, there's still a lot to organize and put away.

Of course, I look like this while I'm unpacking...

Lucky Zeke!
Yeah, right.

And I've been doing lots of laundry....

Again- yeah, right. 

Today, I'm taking a break from the unpacking, at least for a little while. Which kind of makes me feel like I'm not doing enough... but I need a little transition time, you know? Pretty soon, I'll be looking for jobs and working on name-change stuff... so I'm taking the morning off.

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