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Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Hiccups

Five Days To Go!

Here's a list of things that haven't gone as planned so far...

1.  One type of our beautiful centerpieces (see below) were made by Zeke- he's so handy! Unfortunately, I went to the store and bought, and then pre-lit, fifty tea lights that were a tiiiiiiny bit too big to fit! Apparently, tea lights are not one standard size.What? Who knew?!? And given that we live in a small town, our options for tea lights were a little limited. So we put out the word over church e-mail, and viola! Smaller sized tea lights!

(And, as an extra note, Walmart's tea lights come in different sizes depending the packaging amount. For example, the fifty-pack tea lights were too big, but we later found out that the twenty-four pack has the right sized tea lights. Same brand and everything! Crazy.)

2. We're having the reception at a church. We need 20 tables, which is just fine according to the janitor. The church just got new tables! But only 16 of them. And they're not sure where the old tables are at the moment, but when we find them, we'll just use 4 of the old ones.

3. Another of the centerpieces will include goldfish (and please, if you have a moral problem to using goldfish as centerpieces, understand that they'll be very well treated, and there is a home waiting for them after the wedding). However, the local store where we planned to get the fish is OUT. No goldfish to be found. They're getting them in on Wednesday night, and we're all going to pray that there are enough.

4. The caterer just called me. We're planning on grilled burgers and chicken as the entree, with a toppings bar, salad, green beans, and cheesy potatoes. We are going for a picnic-in-the-woods-by-a-pond vibe. Well... they don't have a grill. We can rent a grill from another place around town for an additional fee....

Um, wait. You said that we could do burgers but you don't have a GRILL?? I'm going to have to pay extra to rent a grill, on top of what I'm already paying for the food? AND I have to hunt down a grill (called one place already, they no longer rent out their big grill because of a lawsuit ...)?

It's either that, or we'll just have to have the meat cooked at the caterer's site and transported to the church. It's only a couple minutes away, so that might work...

Ugh. Five more days. Then I won't have to worry about any of this any more!

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