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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


1. It is cold. I know, it's like, the middle of December, so I shouldn't be surprised... but man. Cold.

2. My Christmas cards are sent, my house is (mostly) decorated, but I don't have any presents purchased yet. Last year, we were done buying presents before Thanksgiving, but this year? Whoops.

3. On Saturday, Zeke started saying his eyes felt tired, and they looked a little puffy. Sunday, they were definitely swollen, but not itchy or painful. Yesterday, his eyes were swollen to cartoon-like proportions, and his boss sent him home. Today he went to the doctor. He has pinkeye. Wha? I haven't heard of eyelid swelling as a pinkeye symptom before, at least not when he doesn't have any goopiness or redness... I guess his body is just reacting weirdly to the virus. And now we're praying that I don't get it, too. And I'm washing the sheets and pillowcases every day and running around disinfecting everything.

4. Speaking of #2, I put a bow on Tucker Turtle's tank! He's not very impressed.

5. I have been completely out of the mood to cook lately. Anyone else go through phases like that? I'm just like, "Let's have frozen pizza!" every night. My culinary creativity has vanished! Ugh.

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