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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Packing Tip- The Purse-pack: Honeymoon Road Trip

Instead of using a purse for our trip, I decided to go with something slightly more practical. And larger. I'm notorious for carrying lots of stuff in my purse (including finger puppets and a rock... don't ask), and with the changing weather of the season and the possibility of doing some hiking, I figured that carrying a jacket, water bottle, and snacks with me might be a good idea.

I decided to go with a small backpack instead of a purse this time.

And here's a little of what I'm putting in it. 

-Camera tri-pod (for all the good pictures we're gonna take!)
-Hand sanitizer
-Phone charger
-Chapstick (dry mountain air can be a doozy)
-Rice paper 
-Contact case, and extra pair of contacts, and solution
-Makeup removing wipes
-Small flashlight
-My camera
-Camera charger
-Wallet and checkbook
-Nail file (to keep me from biting)

I put about ten makeup removing wipes in a ziplock bag to carry with me in my backpack, and the rest of the package will stay in the car.

I'm also bringing a Bible and a composition notebook, which will probably stay in the backpack until I need space for other things (like a jacket and water bottle.)

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  1. Great packing tips - these lists come in very handy in helping to forget any essentials.


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