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Friday, November 2, 2012

Packing Tips- Electronics Edition: Honeymoon Road Trip

Even though part of our goal for this trip is to see some wide open spaces without the distractions of so much technology, we're practical folks, and we like our gadgets!

We are planning on bringing along some electronics- nothing like what we've got at home, and many of them will stay stowed away for the majority of the trip.

Here's a quick list of what we're bringing along:

-Portable iPod player (battery operated)
-Smart card reader to transfer pictures from my camera
-Camera battery charger

-Cell phones and chargers
-GPS (just in case! Our phones don't have internet)
-One laptop and power cord (Zeke's, so I can blog! And more practical reasons.)
-Small space heater- it could get really cold in that tent!
-Our iPod's (with music and audiobooks)
-A power converter- in case we are in a bind and need to use 
electricity from our car battery

I was thinking about bringing my blow drier... but decided against it with lack of space and lack of desire to dry my hair... I'm a lazy hair girl... 

So there you have it! Our electronics list!

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