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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Dry Erase To Do List

I got sick of writing To Do lists. Don't you? It seems like I write the same thing every week anyways! I came up with a solution.

Dry Erase To Do Lists!!

All you need to recreate these lovelies are some clear page protectors, scrapbooking paper, dry erase markers, and magnets.

Then write your list on the scrapbook paper...

Put your lists in the page protector. I put two lists in each, so I can just flip them over and voila! Two more days! I hang mine up on my fridge with magnet clips.

You can cross off as you go, and add things if you need to (like if you have to call the insurance company. Oh, I have to call the insurance company!! Whoops!).

So there you have it! The newest thing making my life easier!


  1. Great idea!

    I used to keep my routines like that. They were the same every day so there wasn't any reason to write them over. And being on the fridge, they were in plain sight. That's always good.

    Hope your new system works great!

  2. Love this! Thanks! Going to put it to work ASAP--
    Val in Kansas


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