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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Love My Mother-In-Law

The big joke is that once a woman gets married, she'll have to deal with the dreaded mother-in-law. Entire TV shows are based around it (Everybody Loves Raymond, anyone?). And while I do believe that there are some unfortunate circumstances out there, terrible mothers-in-law are the exception, not the rule.

Personally, I love my mother-in-law.

She spent an entire afternoon cutting burlap for my wedding with my mother and I. She bought tons of extras for the reception as well (like tiny little beautiful flowers to put into centerpieces, because I didn't have any flowers on the tables). She swaps books with me, she sends us home with beef every time we come to visit, she's offered to come paint our house like six times... she's wonderful.

She's very, very different from my own mom. I don't mean that my mom isn't wonderful, too, but they're wonderful in different ways. It's like I now have the best of all moms in the world.

I have the mom who drinks tea and gets up really early in the morning, and I have the mom who stays up late and always loves a good mocha. I have the mom who creates Christmas centerpieces for my kitchen table, and I have the mom who loves cutting down our own Christmas tree in the woods. I have the mom who can't read at all ever in the car or she'll get sick, and I have the mom who finishes novels on the road trip out to Washington State.

Despite all their differences, they do have one thing in common. They love the Lord and they love their families. They're both great examples of strong, intelligent, beautiful, caring women. What daughter (or daughter-in-law) could ask for anything more?


  1. I wasn't super close to my mother-in-law before she passed away last year, but I really loved her. She was always wonderful to me. I couldn't have asked for better! And she was veerrryy different from my own mom too, so I felt the same way about having it really good!!

  2. You are a truly darling daughter-in-law. I like the way you have shown the differences between two women in your life, and how those differences bless you.


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