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Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things on Friday

In honor of my (brand spanking new) long-term subbing position, I'd like to tell you five things I've learned about high school students this week.

1) Some of them have beards. Color me freaked out. I'm used to baby-faced 3rd graders, awkward gawky 6th graders, and even the occasional pimple-sprouting 8th grader. But beards? And tattoos? AH!

2) They don't talk when I'm talking. Maybe I just got a wonderful bunch of kids (7 classes in a row), but I don't need to do nearly as much "I'm giving instructions! That means I shouldn't hear any other voices!" as I usually do. In fact, getting them to talk is sometimes pretty tough.

3) They know how to blow their own noses. After spending some time subbing for a pre-school aide, this is a total plus. Although that little girl was pretty darn cute, standing there blowing at a tissue with her mouth.

4) They really apply things they learn to their own lives. Like when I asked, "Do you know any teacher who says 'but' or 'um' a lot in their lectures?" during my communications class... and they all went, "MRS. SEEVER!"

5) They can really write. I gave my first Free Writing assignment today (10 minutes, 3 different prompts), and man. A couple kids wrote such amazing things in only 10 minutes.

This is gonna be a fun Spring.

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