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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Peace- First Floor Edition {pfhr}

I.Love.Our.House. And a fun thing about living at Camp? Our home has a name. Peace. My home is called Peace. I posted some pictures of the second floor, but we really spend more time on the first floor.


Doubly pretty here. I love the pretty wood that's all over the downstairs living room. And! This is my favorite of all of Zeke's grandma's paintings- originally, it was hanging in his bedroom in his folks' house, and I told him that I really loved it (even before we got married).

I don't know why I love this trunk so much, but I do. I keep blankets and Zeke's many, many electronic massage implements in here. And no, I don't know what the 7-9 means.



So, sometimes Camp asks Zeke to get rid of old, broken, orange pleather futons. And sometimes, Zeke decides to fix it and bring it home because it obviously belongs in our house. In all it's orange pleather goodness. Then, when he finds matching pleather chairs that someone is trying to get rid of at a garage sale... well, we obviously had to have them.


This is my second kitchen. My Italian grandmother would be proud. Peace has been used by more than one group- one family stays upstairs, one stays downstairs- although Peace hasn't been used by camper groups in about 10 years and we've used it for staff housing instead. We use the downstairs kitchen for a snack bar, mostly- popcorn, pop... you get the idea.

The downstairs bathroom is bright teal, and has a bathtub. I love bathtubs. And, as an added bonus, Zeke has recently discovered that he can rig up a series of mirrors so I can see the TV while I'm in the tub. Taaa daaaa!


Super real, guys. We're tearing apart one of the two downstairs bedrooms. It was a project I started-- all I wanted to do was paint it! How was I to know that the wallpaper was directly on top of particle board that was warped and needed to be replaced? It's a much bigger project than I was anticipating, to say the least. So now, the other bedroom is being used as major storage... apparently also for a snowboard, teddy bears, helmets, and random quarts of oil. 

We are blessed!

Edited to Include: Soo... I forgot to tell you that I'm linking up today with Like Mother, Like Daughter! And, because my head's apparently not screwed on straight, it's supposed to be Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real. Well, it's reasonably correct, right? = )


  1. Zeke's grandmother's painting is beautiful!!! We too have a painting that RJ's grandmother did (and a few by his mom) hanging in our home and they make me so happy. It's so fun to have personal art on your walls.

    1. Isn't it beautiful? My picture totally doesn't do it justice. I love that we're able to have a little piece of her in every room of our home- she was so influential in each of our lives!

      I agree- I think personal art is the best art (even if it's not "perfect!")


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