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Thursday, May 1, 2014

In Which I Cry over a Car, Ignore My Planters, and Laugh at Toilet Names


Rain has been pretty constant this week, washing away the final days of winter. Of course, the forecast says snow tonight, but we'll ignore that.


The forecast can't stop the plants from sprouting, though. Despite my absolute neglect, these determined little bulbs popping up in my planters. The rain has kept me from getting the dead leaves out of the flower beds. I should probably just get out there and get it done, but the house is so warm and dry and cozy...


Our semi-weekly excursion to the hardware store had us swing on by the toilet aisle- Zeke had to get a couple of new toilets for Camp. Have you ever checked out the names they give the different toilet styles? Titan. Erie, DIPLOMAT? Because toilets are... diplomatic?


For about a year and a half now, we've had three vehicles. Given the fact that neither of us commute, three vehicles was a bit of overkill. We'd had the Tracker on the market for a while, and it finally was sold on Tuesday. I think it went to a good home. I hope it serves them really well.

I cried. 

I get attached to things. It's kind of silly, I know. But the Tracker? I remember when Zeke got the Tracker. He drove to Minneapolis to come pick me up in it a bazillion times. We took the Tracker to the Black Hills on the trip when Zeke proposed. I drove the Tracker to my retail store job while we worked at a Camp in Minnesota. 

There were lots of memories in the Tracker. And now it's gone. And that's kinda sad. So I cried. Silly, overly emotional, but real, am I right? 

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  1. The first vehicle we purchased was a GEO Tracker. I hope that snow holds off and warm weather heads your way! The toilet names are hysterical!

    1. I love(d) my Tracker. Loved. It. Before the Tracker, Zeke had a GEO Metro... which was kind of hilarious because he's 6'5 and a very large man. So far, no snow! Hurray!


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