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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sniffles, Avoiding Frostbite, Arrows and Patience


Greetings from the Land of Snot-ville. Somehow, all the sunshine and lovely weather makes my body go into "massive congestion" mode in less than a fortnight. I'm home from work today. 

Well, I did stop into work to check messages and e-mails, because it's crunch time, after all. Summer staff arrive in a week. A week! I don't have time for congestion. 

But I started getting dizzy, so I came home.


Construction has begun! 

See those loose bricks? I totally carried all of them up the stairs. Two at a time. Because they're heavy. I counted it as my workout for the day.
Last weekend, Zeke brought the wood-burning stove upstairs to begin the installation process. Because our home is older, the fireplace isn't up to code, and putting in a new stove ended up being the most cost-effective solution. 

I'm excited for Fall, already. 


We planted our very first container garden on Saturday! We had planned on starting a container garden last summer, but... well, Camp. So this year, I was absolutely determined. 
I even carted the heavy pots up the stairs by myself. That's how determined I was. 

And then, I sat outside at waited for them to sprout. Growing a garden is a test of patience.


Zeke went to a garage sale the other day. 

He came home with our new hobby. We haven't actually shot them so much as we've (and by "we," I mean Zeke) picked them up and flexed them and touched them and smoothed them and gazed at them lovingly.

And now I have arrows all over the house. 


I think this is the week to (finally) break out the summer clothes. Since it was snowing in April, I've been concerned about making the switch too soon and ending up with frostbite. 

Mother's Day is somehow this weekend already. How did that happen? Zeke's on call, so we won't be doing any traveling... which may be a good thing because I haven't purchased any cards or gifts yet. Whoops. 


True story? I actually stopped in to work today because I knew there was going to be ice cream cake to celebrate some staff birthdays. 
But I did check my e-mail, too. 

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