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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flowering Trees, Counselor Cars, And Maintenance Man Messes- {PHFR}


Is there anything better than flowering trees? I think not.
This is my favorite time of year, simply for this very reason. 


The counselors are here! They started staff training last week, and at this point, they've completely overrun Camp with their excitement and joy. I love sneaking into their Bible study sessions and praying over them. These young adults will make a tremendous difference this summer- join me in praying for them, and for all the young adults working in outdoor ministry this summer!


You can usually tell when the counselors have gotten here- because of the high-energy laughter and "Oh-I've-Missed-You-ALL-YEAR!" greetings... and also because the parking lot is filled with ding-ed up, rusting vehicles. 

These aren't nearly the worst of them. 


Zeke, in getting ready for summer (which is quickly, far too quickly, approaching! We've got counselors here already!), has been doing a lot of final landscaping and leaf clearing. 

Because in the middle of an oak forest with lots of large, large trees, leaf clearing never ends. Truly. 

He came home the other day and took a shower... and the above was what I found. Those little black-ish dots? Tiny mulched up leaves. And the sheer volume in such a small bathroom was amazing. 

The pictures don't do it justice. There were leaves everywhere.

Time for some shameless plugs! 

Posts this Week: 
"Have you seen that show, “Four Weddings?” Don’t. Just don’t watch it. Take my word for it. I’ll give you a little synopsis so you don’t get curious and go watch it to see what it’s all about. Four lovely ladies attend one another’s weddings, rating each one. The wedding that receives the best score ‘wins,’ and that happy couple gets an All!Expense!Paid! trip to somewhere exotic. It’s pretty much a show about women bashing one another’s weddings because (gasp) she had a buffet or (gasp) her dress wasn’t the perfect color for her skin tone or (gasp) the invitations didn’t include seven live doves and a waterfall.

You don’t need that.

If you’re anything like me, you watch something like that and think That’s so silly. I’ll never be anything like that. And you won’t, because you’re too pure of heart and kind to say (or even think!) any of the snarky things those brides are saying. 

But it gets in your head. And you start to wonder- if our wedding doesn’t have a live band, will people hate it? Can people really enjoy a wedding where there isn’t any alcohol? Do I need to send live doves and do doves need to eat during the shipping process?? 

I’m here to tell you. No, yes, and don’t send doves."
"Our faith changes us- not because we're trying to earn salvation, but because we're grateful for salvation, putting on a new self. We're now to live a distinctly different lifestyle than we see in the culture around us- but how difficult that is!

If we're to live differently, that means that we're to deal with issues differently."

From the Archives: 
I've definitely got Camp on the brain... so...

A Prayer Request: Next week is the official start of Summer Camp season. And oh, boy, there's a lot to do. Please pray for my little family as both Zeke and I have a lot on our plates this week... specifically pray for safety and rest for Zeke, and peace and focus for me! Thank you, friends! 

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