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Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Super Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen- go visit her site to see some actually good quick takes. Really.

Unrelated pretty flower picture. You're welcome.


On vacation last week with our cattle farming family

"Here, Adrie, you can have the small one!" Yeah. Okay.


I got really sunburned on vacation (no, I didn't include a picture of that. It was bad). I'm talking blisters and purple skin sunburn. Terrible. It's skipped over the peeling stage, and went straight on to "large brown scab-like flakes"... I look like I have a horrific skin disease and am shedding skin bits all over. <Shudder.>


Vacation is wonderful, going back to work after vacation is the worst thing ever. I was gone for one week, and I think it will take me another week or so to dig my way out of the notes and messages from while I was gone. Someone, bring me coffee! 


All the work and unpacking and washing laundry and finding my shoes (Zeke put them all in a cooler when he unpacked the camper?), I haven't had much time to do anything with it yet... but I'm super excited for my upcoming series on dating and how to grow while single. 

I just can't come up with a series title. Zeke's been super helpful with suggestions of, "Shaping Shpirituality while Shingle," and so on. It's been an interesting week at my house. 

Any shuggestions? (Er, suggestions?)


I'm looking for some good book recommendations for this Fall- I'm seeing visions of myself curled up by the fireplace reading some great literature. Got any good ones? 


It's foggy and around 83 degrees outside right now. I'm grateful for air conditioning. And being inside all day.


 And, I would be remiss if I didn't mention this... 

Terrible picture. Go with it.
 My husband bought a dirtbike this week. Correction. He bought another dirtbike this week. 

To his credit, it was a really really good deal, and it came with some pretty awesome parts (aftermarket kit that turns your dirtbike into a snowmobile? That's cool, you have to admit it.), and I was totally on board with him getting it- mostly because he was so excited and his eyes were all sparkly. Those sparkly eyes just slay me. I'll do anything for those sparkly eyes. 

But! This new addition to the garage means that we have: 

Three motorcycles, a car, and a pickup truck.

A little crazy, no?

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Haha! I love that you found your shoes in the cooler. That's so something that would happen around here!

    What kinds of books do you like? I'm a big reader so I have all kinds of suggestions

    1. I'm a big reader, too-- that's the trouble! I'll read just about anything and enjoy it!


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