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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Balls. (True Story Tuesday)

So, my Hunky Husband and I live in Iowa, right? Iowa has a lot of beef. And one favorite tradition in places with a lot of beef is the infamous Testicle Festival. Not joking.

Zeke and I went to a "Test Fest" ... um.... four summers ago. It was my very first encounter with beef testes. Zeke has had lots of other chances to witness beef testicle, in several different situations. Including this one...

(In this picture, calves are being branded and castrated. Hunky Husband is the labeled person... he's holding the back legs of a calf. Meanwhile, the calf is quickly being branded, vaccinated, and his... well, his gentleman parts are being removed. The calf will be up and running around, like nothing ever happened, in no time.)

Tangent- It still amazes me how much Zeke has taught me about the life of a farmer. I lived in a teeny tiny agricultural town in Iowa for 8 years, and it wasn't until meeting Zeke that I actually understood any of the things going on around me. Amazing. You see, my Hunky Husband grew up with stuff like this in his back yard...

... while I grew up in total suburbia.

Even further tangent- see the coat he's wearing in the second picture (the one with the corn getting sucked into the auger)? It's this coat.

Anyways, my first Testicle Festival was... well, actually kind of fun. I got my picture taken by a sign- proof that there is such an event to all of my Chicago college-mates.

Hunky Husband and Little Wife. Guess who's who?.

I even ate the Rocky Mountain Oyster sandwich. Balls on a Bun. Gourmet Gonads. Yes, I did. I have eaten testicle.

Rocky Mountain Oysters, or beef testes, on a bun.
 And it was good. True story.


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