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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Mini-Vacation, A Recap.

I'm realizing that I never really told anyone about the plan for this week.

Our little niece was baptized on Sunday, so we were up in South Dakota for that- and we thought that while in South Dakota, we should spend some time in our favorite place - the Black Hills.

Zeke arranged everything. Absolutely everything. And while I should know him well enough to trust that he's got it all under control, I started feeling... wary when he told me that we would be staying in an RV somewhere in the middle of the Hills.

It's. Been. Wonderful.

Hand-made log cabin quilt on the master bed.

The owners of the RV live about an acre away, and the RV was immaculate. So clean, so welcoming, so cozy. And has a private hot tub, which is always a plus. It looks out over a huge gorgeous cliff. Quiet and fresh and smelled like pine needles.


My only complaint? That we couldn't stay longer.

Zeke's only complaint? Well, RV's have small showers.

Me in the shower. Now imagine a guy a foot and a half taller in there. (No, he wouldn't get in there to let me get a picture.)
A: Don't think of it as a shower... just think of it like... like...
Z: A CT scan while wet?

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  1. Oh man this sounds amazing!! Would seriously be a dream vacation for me. Enjoy!!


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