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Friday, October 10, 2014

Seven Quickest of Takes

(Linking up with Jen, and timing myself.... and... go.)


The sunsets lately! Just too pretty!


Went to a conference this week- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A big group of Camp people, all in one place. It was fun, and I got some ideas on how I can make my job better, so that's good.

 And so now you know why I've been such a blog-slacker. Conference. Limited internet access. And then got home, and even more limited internet access. Why?! The network connection shows two signals. Why don't you just connect, you darn thing??!


Work has been nuts- lots of registrations coming in, lots of communicating with churches. Hopefully we'll have a great fall retreat season, and hopefully all the busy-crazy now will make for calm and peaceful later, right? RIGHT?


We're leaving on a quick vacation tomorrow- will be back on Thursday.

Combine that with #2 (gone for three days) and #3, and no clean laundry, and not doing dishes for a week and getting that lovely mold build up, and I'm freaking out a little.



Shameless plugs...

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And this page where I linked all my Ephesians Posts! I figured out how to do that!

And I made 16 cents from an Amazon Affiliate Link last week! Score! I can buy half of a gumball!!

Old Stuff 'Round the Blog: 

 "Typically, we fall into one of two camps. Either we feel that we're not good enough for grace, or that grace isn't good enough for us. I'm in the second group more often than I'd like to admit."

Carpet Shampooers: A Philosophical Take:
"As I listened to the hum of the suction (ah, lovely), I got to thinking. What is it about carpet shampooers, anyway? And then I realized...It's the results! We tend to think results = success. But does God view it that way?"

And don't forget to link up your Fall Outfits HERE. (See #7)

... and, not including the 5 minutes I wasted used to welcome a retreat guest... these takes brought to you in 8 minutes.

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  1. Beautiful sunset! My life sounds very similar to #5 right now :0


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