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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Told You that to Tell You This: Apple Chips, Farm Cats, and a Link Up


This has been a weird week in chez Little. I worked all last weekend, so had Monday off (and did nothing. Seriously. Nothing.), and then worked late on Tuesday night, came in early on Wednesday with a "last minute run to Menards"-that-ended-up-taking-all-of-three-hours-chaser. I just feel very... off kilter. My routines! I need my routines!

That said, I need you all to pray for us, please. Something has (just now, like, this very morning) come up, something that would really throw off my routines, but my heart strings are being tugged. Strongly. I'm just not sure that Zeke's are being tugged the same way, and I can be really really impulsive and I jump right in where he looks before he leaps. And you know, just this morning, so he probably hasn't had time to even think about any of this, but it's big on my mind.

I do realize that I'm being very vague- but maybe just pray that we'll very clearly see God's will and doors will open wide if this is the right thing. And if it is the right thing, trust me, you'll hear all about it.

A lighter, {happy} note: We have tons of apples. Zeke's folks have an apple tree that was majorly overloaded this year... so we came home with tons of 'em. Just trying to be helpful, you know. 

So Zeke decided to dehydrate them and make apple chips. So yummy! 

While at the farm- I thought this was so {funny}

Two cats who just loved walking like this. Too cute.

While I know I'm really blessed to have meals provided for us during the summer (and the no-clean up, no grocery shopping that goes along with that), there's just something wonderful about reclaiming my kitchen each Fall.

Chicken stock in progress.

So, I no longer have ballet flats due to an unfortunate "while at a retreat, someone took them" situation.

Wait, I didn't tell you about that yet?

Okay, so two weeks ago I went to a retreat. There were a lot of ladies there, and it was rainy. (The rainy part is important, here.) The first night, there was a very nice lady who won a door prize, and she mentioned that her luggage had been lost in the airport. Bummer deal, for sure.

Anyway, my group went for a hike, and my trusty ole ballet flats went too, and got really muddy. So, instead of cleanin' 'em up before dinner (we were late already), I put them in the shared bathroom and put on my other pair of shoes, figuring I'd avoid tracking mud everywhere and I'd clean them later. But when I went back later, they were gone. I looked around, checked the lost and found... nothing.

Until the last day of the retreat, when I saw the door prize lady who lost her luggage. She was wearing my shoes. Huh? But I then I thought, "Well, she might have the same pair!" and then also "She's way taller than me, she probably has bigger feet. So she couldn't be wearing my shoes."

But then I noticed her heels hangin' off the back of them. Those shoes were way too small for her. And I was pretty darn sure they were mine. But how do you go up to someone you don't know and say, "Hey, are you wearing my shoes?"

Weird, the whole situation.

I told you that to tell you this-

I'm kind of lost without my ballet flats. I gotta get myself a new pair, but until then, I've been trying to work my customary skirts-with-ballet-flats outfits minus the ballet flats. Flip flops have worked great, but now it's getting colder...

So I need help. Because, as I've said, I'm really not much for fashion.  

Here's my outfit for today...

Ignore the messy office in the background. And the garbage can. And the fact that my cardigan is a button off.  There are reasons I don't do this.

... and that's my only idea. (Although I must say, the dress is a {pretty] one. Thank you mother-in-law!) So, I obviously need some help. I asked for help on Facebook, too... but I figured I'd ask again... because desperate.

Link up here with your favorite cowboy boot/skirt outfits. Or just any cowboy boot/skirt outfit. Any outfit at all.

You know what? Let's get wild- link up ANY Fall outfit! 

And, because, you know, the Fall is the perfect time to wear... Fall outfits, this link up will be open for a while. I got no rules. Go crazy.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Lovely post as always, and I'm so sorry it happy for this new twist, and pray it works out beautifully and easily! Weird about the shoes but a funny story for sure, if I find some boots I will definitely send them your way, I'm a moccasins gal, but so need to upgrade!

    1. Oooh moccasins! I didn't even think of moccasins! (Link up with your moccasins, girl. I need all the help I can get.)

  2. I recently got boots...I'll try to remember to include a pic of me wearing them in my next post and link up...


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