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Tightrope: Balancing and Growing While You're Waiting {A Series on Christian Singleness and Dating}

As young Christian women, we have a lot that we can learn. We have so very much growing to do. The thing is, I've found that there are so many more wonderful resources for women with a gold band on their finger. What about the ones whose ring finger is bare?

You, who aren't married? You, who aren't engaged? You, who aren't even doing that "dating" thing just now? Where's the advice for you?

That's the trouble, really. There isn't much. And here's the thing. To be healthy in relationships, to someday be healthy in a marriage, you first need to be healthy in you. And if you're not called to marriage, then you of course still need to be growing and healthy spiritually.

That's why I began this series. I'm an old married lady now, but I've been there, you know? And I've made a lot of mistakes, done a few things right (by the grace of God), and I know lots of other women who have been there, too. We've gone through it, we've survived, and we would love to share our stories with you; hoping that you can avoid some of those mistakes, do some growing, and be the woman God made you to be.


Bloom: Stop Waiting, Start Growing


Balancing and Growing While You're Waiting

Cherish the Single Life 
{Guest Post by Bianca Brandveen}


God's Presence in Singleness 
{Guest post by Victor Fountain}

Identity In Christ

Growing in Faith with Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Discipline: Study the Word

Spiritual Discipline: Memorize Scripture


Spiritual Discipline: Prioritize Prayer


The Ever-Changing Adrie, Or How I Learned to Be Everyone but Me

The Ever-Changing Adrie: How I Found Myself Again  


Personality and Knowing Yourself


Appearance Matters: Singleness and Beauty


Appearance Matters: You're Beautiful on the Outside 


Comparison and Contentment 


New Experiences and Being Yourself

Guarded Heart

Does "The One" Exist?


Expectations: Thank God for Second Chances

Expectations: Giving God the Reigns {Guest Post}

Expectations: I Dumped My Husband after our Third Date {Guest Post}

Relationship Red Flags

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