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Friday, May 18, 2012

Waiting Woes

Zeke went to college at a community school that he just loved. He got involved with student senate, made a lot of good friends, and most importantly, he found a place to live at a camp.

A lot of Bible Camps do this, actually. They allow people to live on their facilities in exchange for working a number of hours at the camp. It works out well for everyone. Zeke decided to do that, and had free room and board for three years of college. He gained a lot more than that, though- he found a career path.

Zeke, after growing up on a farm and learning how to fix, well, anything, decided to use his skills to maintain facilities and grounds of a Bible Camp. He first worked at a camp in Minnesota, which was a great starting place for him, but it didn't have much opportunity for him to move up to a more serious position.

That's when he started looking again. At the time, I was also living at the Minnesota Bible Camp, and also worked at a retail store on the side. And then the retail store went out of business, at about the same time Zeke had an interview with a great Bible Camp in Iowa, closer to our families, with room for him to grow.

So, after they offered him the job at the new Bible Camp, Zeke made the decision to move up there and start working before the wedding, which meant that I had to find somewhere to go. And a new job, too, until I get settled after the wedding.

I came home. Yep.

After four years of college and one year on my own, I moved back in with my parents and sisters. I'm an hour away from Zeke, which isn't terrible, but I still miss living down the hall from him or seeing him at meals every day. And as most adults who return home know, it's kind of weird to be living with my folks again.

There are some "pros," though. I don't have to pay rent or buy food, I can work on the wedding and have people to help me with it, and it is nice to actually be in the town where I'll be getting married while I'm planning. And I got a job- retail again- working as a cashier.

Still, all this waiting is kind of getting me down. Zeke has to work this weekend, so I won't see him, so that stinks.And while I'm grateful to have a job, I kind of miss my old store. The new store is much, much bigger, and the personal touch is gone. I don't know any of the girls I work with, and I miss my old co-workers joking around.

I just want to get married and get started with my new life, get into a job I love, and be able to spend time with the man I love. All this waiting. It stinks.

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