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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marriage Retreat

This past weekend, Zeke and I went to a marriage retreat hosted by our camp.

At first, we weren't so sure that we should attend. I mean, we've only been married for 8 months, after all... and we've got a lot of other stuff to do... and we should probably go back to our hometown and visit our family... In the end, though, we decided to go to the retreat. Hey, at least we knew the food would be good!

It was, by far, the best decision that we've made in the past couple months.

With everything going on, it's not very often that a married couple can sit down, as a couple, and "check the fluids" of our marriages. Generally, we know when things are going well, and we know when we're struggling, but that's about it. This past weekend gave us the time, the space, and the right questions to really delve into our relationship, to look at what is going well and what needs to be improved. We got to meet other couples with amazing stories of God's grace and forgiveness, and we had the opportunity to really talk like we haven't in a while.

It was wonderful. I got to see his heart like I haven't in a long time, and I got to bare mine to him, as well. We came away from the weekend feeling reconnected, our bonds strengthened, with new goals and priorities.

I urge any married couple (even if you've only been married for 8 months!) to find a marriage retreat near you.

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