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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lies I Found on Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest... what can we say about Pinterest? It's a fantastic way to waste an hour (or three) while your husband watches movies that you don't really care for... it's great for finding awesome DIY projects and recipes.... and it's full of lovely lies.

Some of these lies sound soo appealing. So romantic. And they're so untrue. I think it's kind of funny some of the things that are posted- so dramatic!- and then other times, things get under my skin. I think it's important to protect our minds from some of the unrealistic expectations that are so common in our culture today, so here are just a couple Pinterest untruths I found this past weekend....

 I'm all for respecting yourself, but this one just seems so self-centered. Serves YOU, grows YOU, makes YOU happy... maybe we should walk away from thinking that we ourselves are most important and start thinking about what serves HIM, what helps us grow to be more like HIM, and makes HIM happy.

Um, pretty sure that my husband does not "accept me completely." He finds certain things unacceptable. Like when I'm impatient and let the emotions get the best of me around my sisters. Or when I'm selfish, or when I lie... My husband isn't supposed to accept me completely, he's supposed to sharpen me. He's a tool to make me more like Christ- and I'm the same for him.

Okay, lots of girl-power here- which isn't a bad thing, but do you notice the double standard? We want a guy who "needs" us, without needing anyone ourselves. Not only does that put all the pressure on woman to be self-sustaining, but it also exempts the guys from any responsibility. Nice catchy sentiment, but totally wrong message.

 Fall in love with yourself first? Before what? Before loving others, before loving the Lord? Again, it's all about ME and loving ME!

I'm pretty sure that last night, I didn't feel lucky to have Hunky Husband. He left his nasty, dirty socks on the floor again, and for a brief moment, I felt rather unlucky. And you know what? I think that's part of marriage! You're not always going to feel "lucky," but marriage is forever.
 Nice quote. Who wouldn't like someone who looks at you like you might be magic? But I'm pretty sure that first thing in the morning, when I've got morning breath and my hair looks like something from a Doctor Seuss book, my darling husband, while he loves me, doesn't look at me as a magical being. I'm human. Totally and completely human- nothing magical about me. And so is Zeke. And that's real life.

Are we seeing a pattern here, a little? Do more of what makes YOU happy. Maybe what makes ME happy isn't what makes God happy. We've become such a "me" centered society that we can't even see how selfish this is!

Oh wow. Can we just... wow. Not only over-dramatic, but also very wrong. As a girl, I don't want a bad boy to be good just for me. I want a good man, one who is always good. A man who seeks truth and love and justice- that's the man I want. A man who wants a girl to be "bad" just for him is a man who doesn't respect the girl, one who wants a woman to compromise her values and morals for him. Neither of these statements are healthy, and both lead to a bad relationship.

See what I mean? On the surface, so many of these cute or romantic little sayings are nice and innocent and appealing- but what's really behind them? So many of these quotes show us as a people to be selfish and unrealistic.

Before pinning, think. Does this really portray an attitude I want to foster, or is this just a lovely Pinterest lie?

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  1. So true! A lot of times I will read something and think, "Do people actually believe this stuff?!" No wonder teenagers get so confused when they see such twisted messages from the world!
    Thanks for the reminder to think before you pin!


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