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Monday, September 9, 2013

My Planning Binder: Miscellaneous Pages

My planning binder includes a couple of "catch-all" sections. Eventually, I think I'll change some of these to make more organizational sense, but for now, this is working for me. Remember, your planning binder's got to be flexible- it's good for changes to happen! It's all about making your binder fit you and your life.

Here are some of my most-used pages in my Miscellaneous section:

My Budget Tracker: 

 This page is simple but effective. I use this page to write down anything we spend, and then later put the information into my budgeting spreadsheet on the computer. That way, we can see where our resources are going. I also like to keep receipts, but this kind of eliminates that need (as long as I keep it updated right away!)

My Shopping List: 

Another simple one. I like carrying my shopping list with me because our life is so spontaneous sometimes that going home to get a list isn't practical. And this way, I can add things as I notice them. Having an estimated price also keeps my budget in check- if something costs a lot more than I anticipated, chances are that I'll rethink the purchase. 

My Grocery List: 

Just a pretty plain grocery list, I have this divided into categories to make shopping easier. I also have the estimated price feature on this list. It's kind of fun to see how close I came to estimating the right total, or how much cheaper everything was (hopefully!)

So there you have it! The sum of my Planning Binder! Any ideas on how you have adapted your planner to accommodate your needs? I'm always up for new ideas to make my life a little simpler!

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