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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catching Up

These past couple weeks have been a little crazy.

I'm taking fourteen online credits, I've been subbing, and my house is a disaster as a result.

Not even kidding. I can't see my kitchen table.

I'm trying to work ahead in my online classes so that if I get a long-term subbing job, I won't fall behind. That means that I've been putting in about 8 hours of online work a day. It's a lot, and at the end of my study sessions, I just feel like collapsing into a heap or watching mindless TV.

Today, though, it all starting catching up with me. My dirty house has become a huge distraction to me. It's hard for me to be positive and productive when my house is cluttered and messy. I don't feel like I'm being a good wife to my husband, either. One of the ways that I show my love for him and my appreciation for all that he's doing for me is by keeping our home picked up and clean. It's relaxing for him to come home to an orderly home, it's relaxing for me, too.

So today, instead of tackling the Chapter 2 Finite Math exam, Algebra sections 1.6 and 1.7, and reading through my American Lit stuff, I'm going to clean.

Yes, I am a student right now, and I know that I have to get everything done. It is a priority to me. But today, my priority is my home. I'm a wife first and foremost, and sometimes, first things have to come first.


  1. Sometimes you just have to stop and put things in order!

    I have a bunch of little stuff on my master to do list. They never seem to make it to my daily list. But once in a while, I just have to spend some time getting them done. It makes me feel better. You'll probably be able to concentrate on your work and studies once the house is back in order. Good call.

  2. Oh man, I hear ya. I think you are doing the right thing though.....suck it up and get ahead if you can......once you are finally done it will be such a reward. So ironic that I am a teacher yet I see my own schooling as such a hoop to jump through! Good luck :))

  3. I love that you assess yourself so clearly.
    I can't usually see my kitchen counter (only one section ... don't panic!), but like you, clutter drives me crazy. I'm not good at keeping up with it, letting it collect until I almost self-destruct. Then, I get in gear and start sorting.

    Why can't I do this in the short-term? In small amounts? When it's manageable?

    Did God make me more capable of putting up with the small stuff and focusing better on the big things?

    I'll go with that! :)


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