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Friday, February 15, 2013

Making Myself More Efficient: Trap 1-The Time-Waster

I've been a busy person lately. For the past few weeks, my life has been mainly devoted to online classes. I'm trying to stay ahead- I would rather not be surprised by due dates, and since a couple of the classes I'm taking allow you to work waaaay ahead, I'm taking advantage.

It gets to be a huge time commitment, though. This week, I've spent over 8 hours working on just one of my four classes. Whew! Surprisingly, even though I'm focused on school, other things still insist on getting done. Dirty laundry keeps coming, the bathroom still needs to be cleaned, meals still need to be made, and I still want to spend some time relaxing and talking with my hubby... what's a girl to do?

I had to get efficient.

I started by taking a good hard look at how I'm spending my time, and I found that a lot of the things I'm doing are major TW's. Time-Wasters. Like how I fold laundry, for example.

 Folding laundry is one of those lovely never-ending chores, but it's got to be done. Typically, I go into the bedroom (where our washer and dryer are), put the clothes into a laundry basket, walk out to the living room, turn on a half hour show, and fold while sitting on the couch. Then, I take the folded laundry back into the bedroom and put it away.

I've been doing this for years. Folding laundry is always done in front of the TV at my home (actually, I think that's the only way my mom could get us to fold!), and I never really thought about it before, but man! My way of doing it wastes so much time. Instead of walking all over the house (small as it is), why not just fold the laundry in the bedroom?!? I don't have to walk to three different locations- it's all right there! Out of dryer, onto bed to fold, then into drawers! And, I don't get distracted by the TV, and sit with a pile of folded laundry in front of me until the show is over.

Now, this is a small change. I realize that. But folding and putting away two loads of laundry now takes me about ten minutes instead of thirty-five (30 for the TV show, 2 to begrudgingly walk back into the bedroom, 3 to reorganize and put away), which gives me 20 extra minutes to do something else- more Algebra, anyone?

What are your TW's, and how have you overcome them?

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