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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Look into my Real Life: The Upstairs Kitchen

Just a word of caution, here. Do you remember when I posted pictures of our previous Camp home? How nicely put away everything was, how clean and cozy everything looked? Lies. All lies.

What you didn’t see was the two (potentially three… it was a while ago) baskets of unfolded clean laundry that I kicked out of the way to take a “clean” picture. Or the fact that three seconds before snapping a picture of the bathroom, I threw towels from the floor into the hamper, followed by three of Zeke’s dirty socks (why three? Where was the other one?).

I feel like we do that a lot- myself included. We like our lives to look… uncluttered. Under control. Lovely. Even when life really isn’t that way, that’s the way we prefer to present ourselves.

Well, I’m gonna break myself of that habit, here! Yep! That’s right- I’m going to show you things the way they really are, in all their imperfect, messy, fantastic disarray. Because that, my friends, is how my life really is.

In the name of all things complete honesty, these pictures are “untouched,” “un-scooted-the-dirty-pots-and-pans-into-theother-room,” and “un-I-just-washed-the-floor-in-a-last-ditch-effort-to-make-myself-look-good.”

 This is my sink and my tiny kitchen table! I love this kitchen because of all the natural light it gets especially in the morning. The natural light is more than just aesthetically pleasing... it's essential because, even after 5 months of living in this house, I still can't remember where the light switch is. (It's on the wall outside of the kitchen. Yeah.) Notice the blue counter top.

 ... and notice these countertops! Cream colored, and then gray! Yes, I have three different counter tops. Anyway. This is my stove... which is new. And I love it. The old one was black and dangerous- this is a great improvement.
I also love my upstairs kitchen because there are a ton. of. cabinets. And check out that little curvy wood doorway. Awesome.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Upstairs kitchen wah? She’s got more than one kitchen?” To which I reply: Yes. I live at Camp, remember? That means that almost every building on site is, has been, or will be used for campers or retreat guests. Originally, my home was used to house two groups at one time- one group would stay upstairs, and one would stay downstairs. Hence, we have an upstairs kitchen and downstairs kitchen-ette thing.

My Italian grandmother would be so proud.

So there you have it- a truthful look at my kitchen!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think that as women we need to be honest about our homes and routines. Most of us are struggling with one thing or another and it's not to know we're not alone.

    And for the record, I think your kitchen looks just fine!


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