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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Page with the Pages! (Daily Do's Household Binder Planning Pages)

Wow! My previous posts about my family planning binder were a hit!

The pictures I took of my planning pages are kind of blurry and not very user-friendly, so I thought I'd give you guys versions of my planning pages in JPEG format- so you can see them better and perhaps even print them! Martha Stewart is coming out with family binder planning pages- her 2013-2014 Monthly Calendar pages go for like, $30 a set. Crazy. You are welcome to use my templates for free!

Remember, though- if my templates aren't what you're looking for, make your own! To have a planning binder that works for you, you've gotta Make it Yours, Make it Flexible, and Make it Routine!

To see more about how I use my binder, click here.

Here's a copy of my Daily Do's Pages (I have these printed double sided).

And a copy of my Weekly Do's and Week at a Glance pages. I printed the Do's on one side and the Week at a Glance on the other. Of course, my Weekly Do's may be very different from your chores each week (cuz not everyone has two kitchens. I do. What what?)

My Month at a Glance Calendar Page:

And some of my Miscellaneous pages (namely, Budget Tracker, Grocery List, and Shopping List):

Of course, these are just the basics. Like I said, Make it Flexible! My pages have really changed- they don't look anything like they did back in June. I'll most likely be adding pages as the life of my family changes- so stay tuned for more! I'll post new pages as I create them!

Would any of these pages work well for your family? What type of organization do you use?


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