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Monday, October 7, 2013

You Know You Live at a Bible Camp When...

Let's get real... living at a Bible Camp is... unusual. The Camp life has it's perks, and it has it's quirks. 

- 95% of your co-workers/neighbors play guitar. 80% also play piano. And they just might start playing drums during a retreat, and you're really not surprised by it. ("She can play the harmonica? And the tuba? And the washboard? Of course she can.")

- Most of your co-workers are also your neighbors. And you watch their kids.

- Whenever you're concerned about something, you just tell any of your neighbor-co-workers, and they pray about it. Even if they're in the middle of something else. They're all like, "We should pray. Let's pray."

- You open your front door to find a Bible study taking place on your deck. Frequently.

- You are not concerned when 35 middle schoolers run screaming past your home while being chased by youth-pastor-types wielding tube socks filled with flour.

- When asked why your dishwasher doesn't work, why your light switches are in strange places, or why there are nine magic markers in your garden, you respond, "It's a Camp house!"

- Most of your neighbors have lived in your home at one time. Some board members will ask where you live on Camp, and then tell you they conceived their first son in your house 32 years ago.

Yeah, there's that.


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  1. haha! This cracked me up! You have to love the little unique aspects involved in your lifestyle!


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