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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday: Dance it Out

I'm blurred cuz I dance so FAST!
How are you feeling today? Sluggish? Slow? Uninspired? Grouchy?

I’ve found that one of the best ten-minute solutions for my crabby, lazy, “blah” days is… you guessed it! A ten-minute dance party!

There’s just something about getting that heart rate up, shaking out all those negative feelings, and being (let’s admit it), pretty darn goofy that brings out the sunshine in my soul. Give it a shot! Dance by yourself, with your kids, your spouse, your turtle… okay, maybe not your turtle. Tucker isn’t a dance party fan.

Just go for it. Pick three or four songs, crank ‘em up, and dance it out!

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