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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday: Ten Minutes in the Word

Today, I want to focus on my goal for these Ten Minute Tuesday posts. I like to take a little while on Tuesdays (ten minutes, to be precise) to do something different- out of the routine, not on the list of things to do- to make my household a happier, healthier place.

Many times, those ten minutes are spent doing a household task that typically gets neglected, like cleaning garbage cans or organizing an often-overlooked drawer. Those quick tasks do really make a difference; at least they do in my house!

Do you know what I’ve noticed, though? I’m beginning to realize that as women, as wives, and (for some of us) as mothers, so much of our worth is based on our external selves. We’re so focused on what we accomplish, on how our home looks (and smells!), the number of items checked off the list at the end of the day. But really, are those checked boxes all we’re worth? How easy it is for us to forget the value we have, value that comes by simply being children of God!

You may have a “standing date” with the Lord every morning in which you spend time in his Word. Truthfully, that’s one area in which I struggle. I’m pretty good at making time for prayer, and I’m also pretty good at never opening my Bible. If you’re great at reading the Word, that’s awesome- but I also know that no matter where you are in this discipline of faith, spending ten minutes extra today will be a blessing to you as much as to someone like me! We can all use a little time to remember that our true value lies in Him, not in how much we can get done in a day.

So instead of taking ten minutes today to wash curtains or clean out the entryway closet, take a little time to be with the One who made you!

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