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Friday, July 11, 2014

Coffee, B.O., and Bunnies

This week marks the official half-way point of summer camp season. I'm torn between "how did that happen!?" and "Oh, thank goodness. We're almost done."

Mmm. A permanent fixture on my desk lately.

This post made my heart sing a little.

Went to the dentist this week. Is there anything worse than being poked in the gums with that stupid mini-metal harpoon? Ugh. My shoulders are still sore from being tensed up for an hour.

Zeke has officially moved into the part of the summer when he changes outfits three times a day. Although I doubt he considers them "outfits." But seriously, doing a load of laundry a day is barely cutting it. Seven loads a week. For two people. <Sigh> It's a maintenance man kind of life.

After a busy week with 107 middle school students running all over the place, I've come to the conclusion that Camp will smell like B.O. for the next six years. Peeeee ewww! We need some lessons on deodorant along with Bible Study time, methinks.

They're a stinky bunch.

Even though I'm pretty sure that this bunny rabbit is the flower-eating culprit, it was still pretty darn cool to be able to get right next to him. Fearless little garden eater, this one.

I may have told Zeke that we could go on a camping/dirt bike trip this weekend. Because we bought a new camper and all, and his birthday is coming up, and the last time he took the dirtbike out of the garage was this time...
See the snow? Yeah.
... but it's Friday, and I've done none of the following: clean the camper, pack, figure out food for the weekend, finish folding laundry (see #4). So this could be an interesting weekend. Or maybe a disappointing one for that hubby of mine. Or maybe we'll just do a recreation of the last time we went camping...


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And honestly? I'm just so glad it's Friday. 

Have a good one, all! 

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  1. Omg, middle school BO is the worst! And my students always wonder why I insist on keeping my classroom door open!

  2. I loved Mary's post, too....(small mediocre blogger). She's my sis-in-law and I like her a lot : )


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