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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Garden PHFR



My marigolds are blooming! I planted them from seeds (which I've never done before) and ended up with so many weeds that I wasn't sure that I'd actually get any marigolds... but a couple weeding sessions and some time, and ta da! Pretty. 


Okay, so not technically garden related...

Due to some unseasonably cool weather this week, we've had our windows open quite a bit. If it were up to me, we'd go without air conditioning more frequently and just strategically open and close windows, but alas, the head of the household gets too warm rather easily. But having our windows open for the past few days has really been lovely. I'll take it.


Patience is not one of my strongest virtues. 


My peas are not doing so hot.

The past two weeks, I've sort of forgotten that plants need water, and so... they're suffering from my neglect. Hopefully the good rain shower early this week and some extra love and care (and water) the rest of this week will help make up for it. The few peas that we've gotten have been so yummy- I'd like a lot more! 

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  1. Those little carrots are really sweet though :) Bravo for the marigolds grown from seeds! They are beautiful and so happy!

    1. They really were pretty yummy! (I had to try 'em ya know!)

  2. I plant my marigolds from seed every year - I just keep some seeds from the plants I have and then regrow them the next year. Zinnias and sunflowers, too. For some reason it's more satifying to me that way.

    Your carrots!! Ha - thats' what we did last year. We were NOT patient enough and far too curious. This year we are waiting.

    1. That's such a good idea- I may have to try to keep the seeds from these marigolds! That's very "circle of life!" =)

      I'm glad I only pulled up a couple of the carrots... I'm thinking they'll be worth the wait!


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