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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Update 07.26.2014

So this weekend, was... well, it was interesting.

You know how Friday went down... I pretty much inhaled some chocolate...

so I was looking forward to a weekend away. I was really, really looking forward to it.

So Friday afternoon, I quickly shoved clothing and a toothbrush into a duffel bag and then jumped into a truck with Zeke to head back "home." We took a truck because he was getting rid of three couches for Camp, and by "get rid" I mean he was going to put them on his dad's burn pile at the farm.

We stopped for gas in town, and the gas station lady told us about a family whose home collapsed and ruined all their furniture, so then we took a detour to give the couches to that family. Which worked out great.

And on the way back from the detour, we saw these guys running across the road...

... without a momma in sight, so we thought maybe they'd have a happy life at Dad's farm. You know, since he wasn't getting the couches, maybe he'd want some ducks.

So after all that, we got back to our hometown around ten or so.  I stopped off at my folks house to beg a dress off my sister for the wedding we were heading to the next day... but nothing fit right, really, so that was a bummer. And then we went to sleep.

The next day, we got up and had breakfast, and then I went shopping with Zeke's mom for a dress for the wedding. It was so much fun. Really. It was great. I'm not much of a shopper, to be honest- I don't like trying things on or matching this with that... ugh.

But I had so much fun with my mother-in-law. I love her. And I found a dress that was comfy and that I'll wear again, so that was good.

Zeke and I met up again, headed to the city to look at a trailer (?) and start toward the wedding.

This is the last of Zeke's buddies to get married. It was a fun wedding- at a vineyard in South Dakota (yes, they have those- I was surprised, too), and at the end of it all, they got hitched, which, I'm told, is the point of weddings, anyway.

But, I don't know. There were lots of Zeke's buddies there, but Zeke hasn't really hung out with many of them in a while. And I haven't hung out with their wives very much at all. Apparently, they've all hung out with one another a lot, though.

They also all have children (minus the busy bride and groom), so most of the conversation centered around their toddlers. Which, okay, I get that. But I just felt so left out.

I know that I shouldn't feel this way, but it was hard for me to be around so many pregnant ladies and gals with babies. Why do their bodies work and mine doesn't? It doesn't seem fair. I tried to focus on contentment and joy, but it was tough. Zeke and I have been together for years longer than the majority of his friends, and many of them are already expecting baby #2. It was hard for me. I felt a little like I was standing still, watching them all speed past us. And there's nothing I can do about it.

We left pretty early- I was tired and not much in the mood for dancing.

On the way home, Zeke's dad called to tell us that the little ducklings had died.

I got all melodramatic and moody at that point. Because seriously? God couldn't just give me that one?

I was upset most of the rest of the night. We headed back home to our own home early Sunday, just in time to catch this eye catching parade...

What more do you need to cheer you up than miles of people on tractors?

I'm hoping that this week goes a little more smoothly, I guess. Pray for me when you think of it, will you?

Have a great week!

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