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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekender 06.28.14


High: Home from work at precisely 5:15 pm. Zeke was miraculously already there.
 Low: None really. Except a misunderstanding at work? But that doesn't really count- it wasn't the weekend yet.

High: Tied between hanging out with Zeke's cousin Tim, and "the bunny" that Zeke and Tim shot with bow and arrow... and actually using the bows and arrows for the first time since Zeke brought 'em home.
Zeke came into the house and told me they'd shot a bunny with bow and arrow and that they put it in the golf cart. I flipped out a little. Until I met "The Bunny." See his floppy ear?
 Low: Another tie... leaving my purse in the archery store (whoops!), and getting a welt on my arm from the string of my bow snapping back (I'm a big baby, I know.) 


High: Slept in, missing all three church services we could have potentially attended, but oh, the snuggles and snoozing were just too good. I needed it. And also, my purse was untouched and waiting for me at the archery place. And also, we bought a camper off of Craigslist.
Low: Headache. I think it was due to lack of caffeine. I'm an addict.

All in all, a pretty nice, quiet (and a little boring- but don't we need that once in a while?) weekend.

On to the week! Happy Tuesday, all!


  1. You're a regular ol' Katniss ;) Love it!

    Thank you for linking up with me!


    1. Ha! Yeah right. Katniss. You're a funny one, Jenna dear!


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