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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Acorns and the Sky is Falling


My flowers have started blooming again, despite the bunny rabbits. 


Acorns crunching underfoot (and smacking me in the head as I walk under those huge oak trees... but that's not quite as happy...)


One of the benefits of living right on site is that I can see my office from my house.  The other day, I realized that I'd left the office light on at Camp. Whoops. So I sent Zeke to go grab some milk from the main kitchen, went and got my keys, and headed to the office to turn out the light. 

Zeke was hiding, in the dark, in the welcome center... and jumped out at me when I walked in. 

Apparently, I looked super scared... I jumped and jangled my keys at him and then froze.

I tried getting him back for a couple of hours... but he just doesn't scare as easily! 


So, I really wanted to bring this guy home... 

But timing wasn't right and I knew the timing wasn't right but I got my hopes all up anyway. And when once again, I was disappointed by wanting and not receiving, it hurt and sort of emphasized, once again, the whole none-in-the-oven thing.  Which makes me feel just a little like everything is crashing down around my head. 

So, you know, pray for over-dramatic little me who spent last night running around going, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" (Not literally. But almost.) I just feel a little like I'm running through a pool full of jello. Stuck in place, no matter what I want.


Of course, that pales in comparison to the loss experienced on this day thirteen years ago in New York and Pennsylvania. Keep those families in your prayers today, too! 

Have a fantastic weekend, all! 

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  1. Sorry you had a hard time. Having something to dote on, other than a husband, is rather comforting. We got a cat and he is a patient recipient of many cuddles.

  2. Sorry about the hard time, I know the feeling of things not falling into place well, and it's not so much fun. Sounds like a great place to live and I just love your blog so much!



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