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Friday, September 19, 2014

Seven Reasons I'm Not a Fashion Blogger. (And Why I'm Glad You Are).

I'm not a fashion blogger, obviously. Not even close. There are lots of ladies out there who write a little about fashion, but wouldn't call themselves "fashion bloggers..." I'm not one of those, either. I don't blog about fashion at all, really. And there are good reasons for it. Very, very good reasons.


How do people have those nicely blank or artsy backgrounds? Seriously. I attempted to find a single blank or artsy-cute wall anywhere in the vicinity and came up empty handed.

Ignore the light switch. And the remote holder thing.


It seriously took me five minutes just to angle the camera so I was actually in the frame, and I ended up using a tri-pod thing, two books, and an orange. And don't get me started with the original photographer I had in mind. Zeke was no help with this at all.

Taken while the camera was falling off the coffee table.

Those of you who have five-year-olds photograph you- HOW DO YOU DO IT?


My house utilizes the fluorescent lights of photography death. Took a buncha editing to remove the cringe-worthy effect I had going on.


The majority of my clothing is "Camp-wear"- theme t-shirts from old programs, t-shirts from camps where I no longer work, t-shirts with the Camp logo... it's like an unofficial work uniform. Of t-shirts. Including one with a Lego guy on it, another with a giant spatula, and one that says "CAMP IS GOOD."


I don't actually buy clothing often at all (partially because of #4).


And when I do buy clothing, it typically sticks around for a while.


And finally, I'm not a fashion blogger because... I'd much rather leave it up to all of you who do it, and can actually do it, and come up with adorable outfits that I would never have come up with on my own. Because I need the inspiration.

And also because so many of you -

I'm looking atcha, Grace and Haley and Anna and Kendra and Rosie, and this list could get very long...-

you remind me that looking nice, looking put together, is important. Even if the only people who see you today are your children. Or your husband. Or the lady with whom you share an office. It matters. And you remind me of that. (Hence the scarf in my outfit today. Ta da! So fancy.)

So, thanks.

And keep roping your seven-year-old into photographing you. =)

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  1. Haha! This post totally made me laugh. I so stoked you played along! The whole point of my link-up is that I want to see what you wear on a regular basis since I think it really showcases another aspect of your personality and daily activity. Your look fully encompasses who you are as a fun-loving, camp-living, outdoor enthusiast. Love it! And I had to laugh about the background and tripod attempts - I too struggle for a good background. How do all these real fashion bloggers have white backgrounds? I can't find a real blank space anywhere around my home! And I'm so bad with a tripod using my five-year old yields better results!

    1. Glad you got a giggle out of it! I totally agree with you that our "daily wear" often emphasizes our personalities-- I love seeing all the different outfits and ideas out there! I just couldn't help but poke a little fun at myself! =)

  2. Lol I love it! I'm exactly the same, we live on a farm and for the most part nobody sees me except my family. Plus my husband is no good with the camera. I so hoped by starting a blog it would kinda force me to be in more pictures, but it's just not panning out. I have started reading the barefoot blonde blog, and she has inspired me to try a little bit harder at least, and I love that!

  3. This cracks me up. I am totally not good with fashion OR taking pictures - haha!!!! Love the commentary :)

  4. Haha I've been moving a side table to get my "white" background lately, and even that doesn't work so well because then I prop the camera up on the table and never can get a flattering angle!


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