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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This is yesterday, actually.

READING: Registration forms. Ha! Just kidding. But really. And also One Thousand Gifts, still. I re-read each and every chapter because there's just so much there. Oh, and also a really (really) bad YA book... but I'm reading it anyway because I need some entertainment.

LISTENING: to acorns dive-bombing the sidewalk.

SMELLING: the pumpkin candle on the desk next to me. It's nice.

WATCHING: Our Netflix works again (Praise WiFi), but only a little. And only before 10:15, and only if no one is using a microwave. Or thinking about microwaves. So, between long sessions of red spinny "loading" thing, we've been watching Longmire. In choppy little segments until 10:15. 

WORKING ON: Getting back into the swing of meal planning. I know- we haven't had campers around for like, a month. I've just been forcing Zeke to microwave freezer-burnt leftover hot dogs for the past month. (As long as the microwave is NOT on while I'm trying to get Netflix to work)... Ketchup is a vegetable, right?

WISHING: That I could go home now, instead of waiting for the guests to come in. But I'm happy they're coming. I just wanna go home. You know?

WEARING: Almost this exact same outfit. Minus the scarf, plus a Camp zip up. And a slightly different Camp shirt. Because that's how I roll.

WANTING: So, I've gotten back into using my little planner, right? Which is awesome. And helpful. But the trouble is, now I want a new binder. I like the one I've got, but I'd like something leather-ish. Like a Filofax or even a Daytimer or... I don't care. And I love the ones in mint green or that vintage rose color. But those are so expensive! Even the used ones are like, $70.00. Ugh. I should stop looking 'em up.

NEEDING: A little more coffee. Just a little.

FEELING: Kinda sleepy! This cold and dreary weather is to blame, I'm sure!

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