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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Turtle Homecoming

Wow! What a busy weekend it was for us! I'm sure we're not the only ones! It seems like everyone I've talked to had a busy and fun-filled Labor Day. I'm sure that the beautiful weather played a big part in that.

We found out on Friday that we'll be staying in our little home for the long haul. For a while, the camp wasn't sure if this would be our home past this summer, so I kept a ton of boxes for fragile stuff (in my poor, poor storage and craft room), and we didn't do any improvements on the actual physical space of our home.

Now we've got lots of projects to perhaps accomplish! Like...

-Putting in a new shower!

-Changing around the entryway of our home so it's more winter-clothes friendly

-Updating the windows (camp has had this project in the works for a while, but we'll be the ones really benefiting from the improvement!)

-Adding a couple of shelves or storage units into the kitchen

And... best of all... my baby is back in my home again!!

Our little Red Eared Slider turtle has found his way home once again! Tucker has been living in the basement of Zeke's parents' farm house, under the diligent care of Zeke's little brother. I've missed him lots. He's really enjoyed eating the farm bugs Zeke's dad caught for him. We didn't want to move him to and fro as we figured out our living situation, so Tucker has been "visiting his grandparents" out at the farm since May. Now that we know we'll be staying here, he's home at last.

We're still figuring out the tank set up in our little home... Zeke also brought his fish home this past weekend, so we now have a ten gallon tank for Tucker and a twenty gallon tank for the goldfish... our house is starting to look a little like an aquarium!

But I don't even care. Because I have my husband, a home, and my little Tucker Turtle. Who could ask for anything more?

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