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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Decorating!

 Fall is here! Well, not officially, I guess, but it sure feels like fall. I think the weather in our neck of the woods went from "too hot to have the windows open" to "too cold to have the windows open" in nearly record time. Seriously. The other day, it was only 38 degrees at 8:30 in the morning! I'm so not ready for this yet.

On the bright side, the arrival of fall also means that it's time to put away the summertime decorations and start feeling fall! Here's a little peek into my house...

On top of our "pantry," I moved the wedding stuff I had there to make room for some candles, the adorable lantern we got as a wedding gift, and a jar of red candies. I also put some acorns in an old pickle jar after I removed the label and wiped the dirt off the acorns. I almost wish I'd done two of the acorn-jars, it's so cute. 

Even though I moved it from the prominent "pantry" location, I couldn't help but keep out a bunch of stuff from the wedding. The roses are actually my wedding bouquet, and below them is my tiara (up until the last moment, I really didn't think I was gonna wear that thing, but I did!), and the wooden heart thing was our cake topper. Oh. And please ignore all the clean dishes in my sink. I got too into decorating... they were drying when I took this picture!

On my little blanket trunk in the living room, my summery bottles and sand centerpiece has been cleared away for leaves and pumpkins. I also convinced Zeke that I neeeded the candles- we couldn't find any pumpkin wax melts at Walmart. We got a set- five candles (three small and two large) for $10. As much as I dislike Walmart, the price was right this time!

And outside? I found this scarecrow at the Dollar Tree, added a cardboard sign with our last name, and voila! Cute little welcome scarecrow!

What are you doing to decorate for fall?

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