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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anybody Wanna Bring Me a Margarita?

Oh my goodness, today.

JustJustJust. Goodness.

So, today began the reservations for our Family Camps for the summer of 2015 which seems so terribly far away I just can't get my brain there yet. Now, Family Camps fill up around here, and they fill up fast, especially in our cute little single-family cabins. Because they're just that cute.

And so, because of the cuteness and the fast-filling up-ness, today was going to be crazy.

Add registration check-in for the very same day, and you've got yourself complete pandemonium covered in stress doused in waaaaay too much coffee.

I would like this one, please. And here's the recipe.

7:45 am- The phones start ringing. Reservations don't start until 9. I have four different "you'll have to wait until 9" conversations. I get some scrambled eggs from the dining hall. And some coffee. Coffee is gone before I get to my office.

8:15 am- The other office people arrive. One brings me coffee. I love her. I get the finishing touches taken care of for our registration check-in (for an older adult retreat) which also begins at nine. What the heck was I thinking. Three more "you'll have to call back at 9" conversations- one with someone I've already reminded.

8:30 am- Continuing the "call back at NINE, people!" conversations. A guy calls about coming to a youth camp... I tell him he'll have to call back in a week when I can hear myself think. Okay, I didn't say that but I certainly felt like it. Office lady brings me another coffee. I love her.

8:43 am- I start logging everyone in to Google Docs so we can do the reservations live. Meanwhile, five people have arrived to check-in. I'm now running from office to office.

8:46 am- The staff person who's gonna help me with check-in shows up. I could just kiss her. I don't. I quickly show her what to do, she's calm and capable, I leave her to it. The phone's still ringing. Someone tells me my clock must be wrong- it's nine at their house! I tell them they'll have to wait. Sorry. Shovel some cold scrambled eggs into my mouth.

8:52 am- Okay, so everyone's logged in to Google Docs. I drink my coffee, check on check-in (ha, that's funny).

8:56 am- Google Docs won't load on one of the computers. What. The. Heck. Refresh the page. Refresh the page. My boss comes downstairs- he needs the Welcome Center laptop for the speaker. Get it for him, while he notices my stressed office partner with the non-loading Google Docs. He tries to help, but isn't really helping. He leaves.

8:59 am- Still not loading. Blind panic time, folks.

9:00 am- Still not loading, but two other computers are running, so I just go with it. The office lady with the totally uncooperative computer answers the phone and takes a reservation, but can't record it in the computer. I try to use my very nicest voice to tell her not to take reservations because we're going to end up double booking. It still sounds like I'm shouting. Mental note to apologize. She starts processing deposits, which saves me a ton of time. I love her.

9:05 am- Phone is ringing off the hook. I'm getting voicemails like crazy from people who can't get through. Two computers still running, so we're getting reservations in the "book" pretty well. I can hear people arriving for the adult retreat. There's something about a mattress... I think I heard the word "missing."

9:15 am- Non-stop reservations. One week of camp is now completely full. There are at least ten people checking in right now. A lady on the phone is upset because I won't let her reserve six rooms at one time, and because the week she wanted to come is now full. Well. You can't win 'em all.

10:36 am- Finally! I eat the remaining cold scrambled eggs because the phone hasn't rung in a minute and a half. The lady doing check-in comes in and gives me the run down. Apparently everyone has arrived, plus six surprises and we're not sure where to house them. I figure out housing, have her make name tags for the surprises.

10:48 am- I print the Google Doc and unshare it with everyone, so we don't all get terribly confused. And after that nutty morning, it's work as usual.

Except that my nerves were totally shot for the rest of the day. And they still are.


Bring the tequila.

Just come right in the house- I'll leave it unlocked. You can find me in the bathtub, recovering.

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