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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bumblebees, Close Calls, Dinner in the Dark... Just another Week at Camp


My mother-in-law came by the other day

and brought me these. The Starbucks "vase" is a nod to the fact that we both love those things. 


The closest I come to sports, these days? 

Dodging campers as they fly past being chased by counselors wielding socks full of flour... or otherwise trying to avoid the gym at all costs. 

I had a couple close calls. 

But my, oh, my... they sure have fun! 


I think I have a bumblebee friend. I keep seeing this big fluffy bumblebee outside my office window, hanging out in the flowers. 

I know that they're not terribly easy to identify as individuals, but I'm pretty sure he's the same one. 

And I'm pretty sure that he's a he. 


We had a big storm roll through on Monday, one that removed the roof of my co-worker's garage and pulled the roof off of the hospital and caused tons of flooding to the west and south of us. 

And it also resulted in lots of power outages in our area. 

Monday night here at Camp? 

Meatloaf by candlelight with 110 campers.

Six hours without power, but everyone safe and sound.  


Time for some shameless plugs! 

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Prayer Requests: 

We've had lots of friends and family members affected by the bad weather. Pray for safety as everyone cleans up! Also please pray for Pilger, Nebraska, who had two tornadoes ravage the town, killing a five-year-old. 

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see about why we haven't been able to conceive thus far, and why I don't seem to be ovulating. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, peace for me, and some answers to go on. 

Thank you!


  1. Socks full of flour? Oh my gosh, what a fun idea- for someone else's yard!

  2. I miss camp. I also miss dodging the socks full of flour. That was a hoot!

  3. Hello! Here via Theme Thursday. And now I really want a Sunday School picnic so I can chase kids with socks full of flour. That looks like fun!

  4. Praying for you and your doctors.
    Also - I know what you mean about feeling that it is the same bee. There's a big guy who has been hanging out above our deck/back door and dive bombing our heads every time we walk outside. I KNOW it's the same one. I know it.


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