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Friday, June 6, 2014

(Last) Weekend Update

This past weekend, Zeke and I headed to Pierre, South Dakota (which is pronounced "pier," even though my third-grade teacher made it sound very French when we were studying state capitols) to visit our brand new niece. So because work has been nuts, and because the week went by soveryfast, you get to hear about it now.

Lucky, lucky you.

Well, obviously, squishy newborn-ness. Little baby Q was just so sweet and cuddly and content. Zeke and I spent some time with her and her two-and-a-half-year-old brother and gave the postpartum parents a bit of a break. Zeke's sister took and nap and his brother-in-law did some laundry, and I soaked up newborn smell while Zeke became a superhero fighting bad guys alongside our nephew and also did some hiding from "scary deer." I'm not really sure.

Also? New baby Q was 10 lbs 4 oz at birth. Can you even? She was like a five year old. Okay, not really. But still.
Zeke and I really (really really really) needed a chance to recharge and spend some time together before the summer craziness truly started. And my nerves really really really needed it. And hallelujah, even though we spent eleven hours in a car to visit family for about nine hours, it was refreshing. And good. 

We also got to stop at Cabela's in Mitchell (so the trip actually took about 3 hours longer on the way back home, but Cabela's.)

I stopped in the shoe department because I've been looking for some ballet-flat type things, but I have bad feet that need lotsa support... and I found one pair of these, on clearance, in the wrong size. 

But they seemed interesting, so I tried 'em on anyway and holy comfortable! Man. And (even though the picture I've got there doesn't really show it), they look great- and  would totally meet my summertime footwear critieria:
                 *Comfortable with plenty o' arch support
                 *Has a back so my heel doesn't fall out all the time
                 *Works with a dress/skirt
                 *Not too fancy-lookin' so I can still wear 'em when, say, also wearing the most                    unattractive tie-dye ensemble (because camp).

I totally would have bought them if they were my size- but clearance and the only pair! Ugh. And online, they're more pricey than this cheap skate usually goes for shoes.

Anybody wanna buy me a pair of shoes? Or two pairs? I like the brown and the black, but wouldn't be opposed to the purple, silver sage, or tan. And I'm a size 6. Just sayin'  ; )

Okay, so maybe not so much of a favorite... more a question. I was talking to my sister-in-law this weekend (the postpartum one) and she mentioned that she'd like to have more kids, but her husband isn't so keen on the idea... and man. I so wanted to talk to her about openness to life and trusting in God's plan in everything, including family planning ... but I just held my tongue.   

What do you do in situations like that? I mean, I'd be a little cranky if someone tried to tell me how they think I should plan my family.... and it's really not my business... but we've found such peace through our choice to be open to life. Do you share? I don't know.

After our Cabela's run (see #3) that took way too long, we realized that by the time we got home, it would be 2:15 in the morning and really? I wasn't ready to go back to "real life" just yet. 

So we got a hotel room. The king-sized hotel room with whirlpool tub. Because we have a thing for whirlpool tubs. So we sat in our tub and watched TV for three hours, and it was simply glorious. 

And then we got up, went back home, and began this nutty week. And we survived it. 

I think the whirlpool tub had one heck of a lot to do with it. 

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