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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When the Lights Go Out

We got slammed with quite a few big storms last week, as did quite a bit of Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. (And I hope you’ll join me in praying for Pilger, Nebraska, where the community has suffered many injuries and lost loved ones because of this storm system, as well as all the places in the Midwest experiencing major flooding).

At about 4:00 in the afternoon last Monday, the sky went so dark it looked like it was the middle of the night, and the wind was really blowing. We had the radio tuned to the weather in the office… until the power at the radio station went out.

And then our power went out.

With 110 people- 27 families- at Camp.

What a difference attitude makes! When the lights flickered twice and then everything went dark, it became quickly apparent that attitude is everything.

Some of our campers made the best of it- enjoying supper by the glow of candlelight in the dining hall, smiling and doing their best to help out, sharing flashlights and rain gear. Other campers were less gracious- scowls and complaints, some even leaving early. If they had a good attitude, they had a good time, despite the inconvenience and discomfort. If they had a bad attitude, they had a bad time.

Life brings a lot of unexpected, unplanned circumstances beyond our control. You can either see it as an adventure, or as an issue.

Choose to make it an adventure.

If your invitations didn’t turn out the way you hoped, if the tea light candles don’t fit in your centerpieces, if uninvited guests show up, if your grandfather leads arousing sing-along of God Bless America at the reception- it’s all part of the adventure.

Don’t let it get to you… and let that adventure-attitude carry you into your marriage with grace. When the basement floods at your new home? When he loses his job? When you have to move again?

Life will not always be fun, or romantic, or convenient. Sometimes it will be sad and disappointing and hard. But it’s worth it. You’ll learn and grow and become. But the learning and growing and becoming depend on you taking your circumstances and choosing to find the adventure. Even when the lights go out.

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  1. I love this quote in blue! So glad y'all are ok!! The weather sure has been crazy lately!

    1. Thanks- I love it too! Sometimes it's a little more work to remember to live it, though!

      It has been crazy weather- but we're so blessed. There were trees pulled up by the roots not too far from us, and all we got was the power outage and some of the branches down. Blessed, blessed, blessed!

  2. Love that, make it an adventure! Thank you for sharing! Justine


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