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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Answer Me This without Pictures, and A Hunky Husband Life Hack

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit? 

Just a couple of months ago, actually! The exclamation point is because, well, I don't usually get new swimsuits.

My last suit (nicknamed by Zeke- "the appropriate suit") looks like this....

... okay, so I had a particular picture in mind, but I can't find it! You'll just have to do some imagining. It's blue.

It's got a nice skirt to it, but it's a little low cut... and I've had it for quite a few summers, so it was getting to that sorta-stretched out point... so we got me a new one! And I don't have any pictures of it, either. But it's not as low cut, still with a skirt. And I like it a lot. 

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

Mah hubby. Zeke was calling to see if I'd heard from the people coming to fix one of our boat lifts at Camp. It was a thrilling and romantic call. 

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?

Sort of the hands? Protestant, so we do the whole "pass the platter" thing at my current church. But I'd really prefer to receive communion from an actual person. 

4. Do you have a tattoo?

Ugh. You had to ask that one, huh, Kendra?

Yes, I do. Read here. 

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?

Too many. We have 12 from our wedding, and 10-ish from Grandma's house. And we use approximately three plates total per week in the summer. 

6. Do you have an accent?

Nope! The benefits of being Midwestern.


and, because it's sort of like a Monday <cough, behind, cough>... 

A Hunky Husband Life Hack

All right, this one needs a little explanation. 

So, Zeke has a habit of taking things that Camp requested he get rid of, and putting them to use in our own home. Like my orange pleather couch. 

This window air conditioner is broken. The thermostat doesn't really work very well (it always shows that it's 70 degrees), and for whatever reason, it's set to not turn on until it's about 98 degrees in the room (are you singing boy-band songs in your head?), and you can't change the settings because that part is broken, too. 

Zeke found a solution. 

I came home to find that Zeke had taken the little table, doiley and all, from the bathroom, and re-situated it below the air conditioner.

Because the obvious solution was.... Put the sensor inside of the wax on the Scensy.
The wax doesn't get hot enough to damage the sensor, but stays at a pretty consistent above 98 degree temperature. So if the Scensy's on, the air conditioner is on. And, bonus, the air conditioner fan blows the lovely Scensy smell around the house! 

That guy.


  1. I read your tattoo story, and found it interesting, because I've only met a few people who will openly admit that they regret getting a tattoo--but I imagine there's many more who feel the same way, they just don't admit it.

    And, umm, that Scentsy trick is pure genius!

    1. I feel like there's some hesitation to admit that it's a regret- because if you regret it, why not get it removed? (For the record, I'm a big wimp and I know it would huuuuuurt!)

      And the Scentsy thing? I would never have thought of anything like it. Zeke constantly amazes me. =)


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