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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Budget Bride- DIY Wedding Flowers- Bouquet Version

Wedding flowers are important. At first, I really didn't think that was the case, because, well, they're just flowers. Keep in mind, though, that those flowers are gonna be in your pictures for years and years to come. Important.

I knew that I wanted roses for my bouquets. The bridesmaids dresses I chose have pretty little rosettes across the bodice, and roses just fit perfectly.

I wanted roses, but I really didn't want to spend money on roses. I also didn't want my roses (the white ones) to yellow before the big day. And so I went to Martha for advice. Martha Stewart, that is. Here's the link: Martha Stewart Paper Roses. 

The tutorial details how to make roses out of coffee filters. Yep! All you need is floral wire, floral tape, and coffee filters. Cheap, cute... but here's your warning:

They. Took. Forever.

Just saying. Between the cutting and wrapping and coloring... man. Forever. But the finished project came out beautifully, and were a big hit at the wedding. As an added little bonus, I wrote small notes (in pencil, so it didn't bleed) on the inside petal of the roses. I read somewhere that the best bouquet a bride can carry are the attributes, the attitudes, of the fruits of the spirit. So, I wrote the fruits of the spirit into my bouquet. For my sisters' bouquets, I wrote traits about them that I value- like my youngest sister is always an her own person, so I wrote, "individuality" on one of her roses.

Can you believe these are made out of coffee filters???

The flowers came out great, and they look very real. I added little twisty wires with sparkly beads to add a little flair to the bouquets, and I hand-tied them myself (with the help of super glue!)

Oh, and see that boutonniere? That's fake, too! Tutorial here.

I love that I got to personalize the bouquets, that I didn't spend much money on them at all, and the best part is that I'll be able to keep my bouquet forever.

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