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Monday, January 6, 2014

Messy Monday (or, A Bunch of Random Things all Strung Together)

Everyone, I have been a terrible blogger this past month. Month? Well, it's been more than a month, now, hasn't it?

I told myself I wasn't gonna post a "I haven't posted in a while" post. But man, I haven't posted in a while.

I meant to post a cute Christmas ornament tutorial.

I meant to show you all pictures of my festively decorated house.

I meant to tell you all the many things circling around and pinging off the insides of my skull.

I haven't done any of those things. And it's okay. This is real life here, people. Sometimes stuff gets in the way and priorities change and I actually have the laundry under control and that's totally good enough right now. (Update: I don't have the laundry under control anymore. Zeke just got home. How do you get three stocking caps dirty in one day?)

So, in one fell swoop, here's a catch up post. Not ketchup, catch up. (And how come I have four half-empty bottles of ketchup? Who buys this stuff, anyways? Wait, maybe the bottles are half-full.... perspective, Adrie! Perspective!)

My Hunky Husband and I went on a second honeymoon/had to get away trip to Wisconsin Dells early this month. It was glorious. No emergency maintenance phone calls, no way to do laundry... glorious. And cold. Very cold. There was really no one around, which isn't terribly surprising because it was December. In Wisconsin. 

And it looked a lot like this....
Snowy Husband!

But, on the bright side, we stayed indoors for the majority of the week (can you say "Hot Tub!"), except when we went and did this.

I perfected an awesome new snowboarding move. I'm not sure what to call it yet- so I'll need some suggestions. It's inventive and great.

Here's the premise- while going down the mountain, you fall on your tush (hard) and somehow manage to spin around, on your bottom, at least five entire rotations while simultaneously still sliding down said mountain. Any ideas? I think this move should be an addition to the Olympics. Extra points if, during this move, you keep saying, "Seriously? Seriously? Can't I just fall like a normal person?"

After a demonstration of my cool new move! (Faces blurred to protect the truly terrible at snowboarding)
Also? Did you know that snowboarding is a major workout? Even if by "snowboarding" you really mean "falling on your caboose and trying to get back up again?" I had no idea. I was so. darn. sore. My shoulders were sore. I wasn't expecting that. And my butt really hurt, which I was kind of expecting.

I spent the rest of the trip in the hot tub. Glorious.

And then it was Christmastime! Already! I rushed to make these

for our co-workers and neighbors, and then I got to spend some time with this little guy...

my 2-year-old nephew, who is really stinking cute, but needs to improve his selfie-taking skills.

We went to Chicago to visit the greats (aka my great-aunts and -uncles), all of whom have shrunk from their statuesque 5'3" or so selves (ha) down to about 4'10"... and so made my darling husband look like a giant. Most of the greats hadn't met Zeke yet. There was lots of pointing. It was great.

And then all of the sudden, Christmas was over, New Years was over, and now it's stinking cold. Seriously- the high temp here today was -10. The high temp. Of the whole day. Was ten degrees below zero. Brr.

There were turkeys huddling in the window well of my office today. See?

They were doing the thing where they stand on one foot so their other leg can warm up.  I got very little done today at work, I'll admit it.

Whew! So now we're all caught up. On to 2014, and may your new year begin with many blessings!



  1. Oh, I love your little ornament! It's darling.

    I can't imagine me ever snowboarding... I live where it's mostly hot, and I've tried to wake-board, but I just couldn't. I bet snowboarding is even harder! It was pretty similar to your snowboarding experience, but instead of falling on the snow, I face planted into the water at high speeds behind a boat... multiple times... because I was determined to do at least one cool move. I guess my signature move involves seeing how much of a headache I can get in one twenty minute session per day of vacationing? Never again...

    1. Yeah... I think water actually hurts a lot more. Which seems to defy logic, but whatever. I've never done any wake boarding. And for good stinkin' reason! I'm far from coordinated enough!


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