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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Turtles are Great, But...

 That's right. Two Tucker Turtle posts in less than a week. You're welcome.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love me my Tucker Turtle. He's easy to take care of, fun to watch, I don't clean up his poo, and he prefers to be neglected- except when food is involved.

"Leave me alone. I'm grouchy."

But some things you see about pets just don't apply to turtle-parents, you know?


Um, yeah, no. I'm pretty sure Tuck will never sleep on me. When I hold him, I'm pretty sure the last thing on his little reptilian mind is sleep. He does not like being held. His "unspoken rule" is more- shove his head in his shell until he feels it's safe, then run for the nearest thing to hide under.

 Nope. Tucker really doesn't leave the house much. He's more of a homebody. Or, a tank-body, I guess.

And he's not very good for excuses, either. Just the other week I tried, "I have to go home and feed my turtle, since we've been gone all weekend," to get out of looking through vacation pictures (endless, I tell you) and my husband said, "Oh, he probably doesn't need to eat for a week or so..."

Forget those five minutes of Facebook time, I guess... And sure, I would love to have you explain every detail of this picture to me.

 Well, Tucker does wait for me, but it's more about waiting for me to feed him. And he definitely doesn't make that face, all longing and sweet. It's more like... well, you know the face you get when somebody turns on the light when you haven't woken up yet? Pure grumpiness tinged with hatred? That's the one.

 Oh man. I'm picturing Tucker sliding down this, all tucked into his shell. He'd HATE it. I'm pretty sure it would be considered turtle endangerment, for that matter. Or animal cruelty. Turtle torture! (Sidenote: How fuzzy is that dog? Cuuute)

A couple of issues here. First, where would an emergency tag go on a turtle, anyways? And even if we could get him a little tag like this, his would say, "If I'm alone, I ate ALL the fish!"

I think I need a puppy.

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